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 Initially introduced to the entertainment and production industry  as the road manager and videographer for Bo P The Comic. While assisting the standup comic he learned how to operate cameras, edit video, and how to PM (project manage) professional stage, film/broadcast and event productions. Soon after, he earned a rare opportunity to work with Artistic Director Herman Le’Verne Jones of Theatre South Atlanta {TSA} as Mr. Jones’ Executive Assistant and Project Manager; assuming many other roles including: Researcher, GFX Artist, Production Assistant, and Assistant Director for multiple, independent productions. Possessing an impressive and rare hybrid of talents and skills with real world experience offering the level of versatility that is demanded by todays fast paced tech driven society.


Proactively learning new skills and continuing to hone his talent as a Camera Op adding crane and drone operation advanced his level of functionality. A prior background in marketing inspired research into Digital Marketing, website design, and mobile app development. This lead to learning how to write code for these tools and utilities; further expanding service capabilities. Such a unique assortment of training and education  enables a multiplicity of support services in digital marketing, graphic design along with freelance Technical Director, Camera Op, Labor Coordinator or show technician as needed for projects. S.L.Y.M.G.U.D.I.E. keeps up with the ever changing times and stays in demand for services through constant education in what’s new and what’s next… 


Renardo “S.L.Y.M.G.U.D.I.E." Heard has built a successful career through a combination of hands on experiences and independently acquired knowledge and training throughout his life; gaining the expertise demanded for any contract offered. Having held careers as a retail buyer, marketing director/ accounts manager, entertainment road manager, artistic director, and freelance production technician. With an entrepreneurs ambition he’s also launched a business consulting firm that handles business / brand building and expansion, event production, and marketing analysis and strategy. Acquiring technical training that included rigging, lighting design, audio assistant, and general AV repair to his skill-set allows him the flexibility to fulfill just about any position needed to successfully complete any project.


Stepping out of the comfort zone to accomplish a desired goal can be a pivotal turn in any career. This opportunity caught with former Mayor of Atlanta Andrew Young not just logged my first interview ever but also presented a quote that’s quite impactful. 

Early experience behind a camera came from recording stand up comedians as they performed their act then editing the footage to sale as merchandise and promotion. 

Building a quality brand relies on having a creditable reputation for delivering quality service. Being known for producing good content makes it easy to arrange for interviews with all levels of talent.

Transitioning into a new career exposes other tools, processes, and networks that are helpful in the day to day operations and functions. Videography brought about the study of editing, creating motion graphics, and the use of camera stabilizers.

Creatively designing concepts that inspire the intended idea of a project comes from an endearing fascination with the daily functions of entertainment industry.

After too many years in one industry, market changes and adversity inspired a career move leading to opportunities in industrious and performance theatre.

Exploring a new industry to get a grasp on terms, techniques, and methods is mandatory to gain the right experience to excel at  various duties.